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Physician Assistant (PA) School Details

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Trevecca Nazarene University

333 Murfreesboro Pike

Program Website:

Admissions Office Email:


Program Information

Length of Program:

27 Months

Part-Time Option Available:  


Starting Semester: 




Students per Class:


PANCE First-Time Pass Rate: 


Cost of Attendance (Resident / Non-Resident): 

$92,300 / $92,300   Does not include living expenses.

Combined Degree Program(s) Offered: 


Admissions Information


Participates in CASPA:


Application Deadline:

October 1
(Rolling Admissions not Stated)


Minimum GPA:   


Minimum Science GPA:


Average GPA: 


Average Science GPA:   


Shadowing and Experience:

PA Shadowing Required or Recommended:


Minimum PA Shadowing: 


Patient Care Experience Required:

250 Hours

Patient Care Experience Recommended: 

No Specific Recommendation

Additional Information Regarding Patient Care:

These hours cannot be accrued through mission trips, volunteer or shadowing. All direct patient care hours must be logged at the time of submitting your application. Positions that qualify for direct patient care hours include: medical assistant, patient care technician, surgical technician, first assistant, scribe, CNA, LPN, RN, EMT/paramedic, OT/PT or OT asst./PT asst., AT-C, phlebotomist, RT, ER technician, lab technician (if phlebotomy or direct patient care is the majority of job description), clinical pharmacy technician (with high percentage of patient exposure) and clinical dietician. Positions that do not qualify are personal care assistant, pharmacy technician without clinical exposure, unit clerk, camp counselor, counselor and social worker. Clinical hours obtained while working towards a prior degree are not to be submitted in the application as direct patient care. Direct patient care hours should be obtained while an employee in one of the above accepted clinical positions. In addition, we will accept hours accrued under “volunteer” status in any of the above, accepted position titles.


Test(s) Required:

GRE Required

GRE Deadline:

October 1

GRE Expiration:

Check with School

PA-CAT Deadline:

Not Applicable

CASPer Required:


CASPer Deadline:

Not Applicable

Coursework Policies

Coursework Expiration:

7 Years
All science courses must be completed within 7 years or less of matriculation. If a science course was taken greater than 7 years prior to matriculation, then a refresher course must be successfully completed.

Online Coursework Accepted:

Online or hybrid courses can be used to satisfy the psychology prerequisites, but they cannot be used to satisfy any science prerequisites.

Community College Coursework Accepted:


Pending Prerequisite Coursework Allowed:

2 pending course(s) maximum.


Required or Recommended
General Chemistry
2 Semesters with Lab
Organic Chemistry
1 Semester
1 Semester
Biochemistry or Organic Chemistry Options
Not Required
Introductory Biology
Not Required
1 Semester with Lab
Do not accept Immunology, Genetics, or Cellular & Molecular Biology for the Microbiology prerequisite, although these classes are recommended as additional courses.
Upper-Level Biology
2 Semesters
Immunology Pathophysiology Molecular or Cellular Biology
1 Semester
Anatomy and Physiology
2 Semesters: 1 Each of Anatomy and Physiology, OR 2 Semesters of Combined Anatomy/Physiology, Each with Lab
Mammalian Anatomy can satisfy the Human Anatomy requirement.
Not Required
Medical Terminology
1 Course
Online course allowed.
English / Writing
Not Required
2 Semesters
General Psychology and Developmental Psychology (Growth and Development or Lifespan)
Social Sciences
Not Required
Not Required
Other Math
Not Required
Foreign Language
Not Required
Other Requirements


Other Recommendations


Instructions and Tips

Use this page to search for programs based on prerequisites.

Here’s some tips:

  • After searching, make sure you also review the detailed notes, recommendations and requirements on the school detail page and/or the compare prerequisite page.
  • Check one or more boxes within each group of fields to narrow the search results down.
  • Select every checkbox up to and including your target requirement. For example, if you have one semester of chemistry, check “None” also to make sure you don’t exclude those programs with no requirement.
  • The search criteria are only applied to programs that have that specific requirement. For example, if a program has a requirement for “1 semester of chemistry required and a lab is recommended”, this school will satisfy the “1 semester required” option.
  • Some programs have requirements for any combination of courses of one type, for example “2 total courses of any chemistry subject”. For the purposes of this search, that would not be treated as a requirement, but you’ll need to be aware that you need to closely look at each program’s detailed requirements.
  • Use the Add/Remove buttons to fine-tune your list of programs.

Instructions and Tips

Use this page to search for programs based on general criteria.

Here’s some tips:

  • Check one or more boxes within each group of fields to narrow the search results down.
  • For certain numerical searches (such as Minimum GPA), if the program does not have a minimum, it is considered a zero. Make sure you include zero in your range of values so that they show up in your search.
  • The tuition search uses our estimate of total cost of attendance for non-residents including tuition, fees and living expenses.
  • You’ll probably want to start with more boxes checked and start with a short list of results. Uncheck boxes to expand the list.
  • Use the Add/Remove buttons to fine-tune your list of programs.


An example of how to maximize the effectiveness of your search: let’s say you don’t want to take any standardized tests:

  • Check every box under Test(s) Required that does not have “required” in it. for example “None”, “GRE Recommended”, “PA-CAT Recommended”, etc.
  • Leave blank any box that has a “required” test, such as “GRE Required”, “PA-CAT Required”, “GRE Required and PA-CAT Recommended”, etc.

This will make sure you only filter for programs that have no requirement for a standardized test.